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Miguel Ros (rossoft _AT_ gmail.com)

This is a blog about my experiences in CakePHP. Here I will post tips & tricks that I found trying to resolve a problem in CakePHP.

Note: This blog is outdated, CakePHP has evolved since my last posts, so probably they’re not compatible with latest versions.


1. Franck - July 6, 2006


I like very much your work on Cake, I have added some usefull function to the Cajax helper, can I submit them to you ?
You’ll judge if they deserver to be in the Cajax components.


2. David Mintz - July 27, 2006

….pero hombre, tu inglés es suficiente. Y este Cake, es de veras sabroso.

¡A seguir horneando!

3. shvet - August 23, 2006

Would you be interested in a job?

Are you still studying?

We are a startup but a good team of technocrats.

Looking forward to hear from you.

4. Jaime - November 12, 2006

I’m Spanish and also in love with Cake. I’m finding your blog quite interesting. Sigue así 🙂

5. aazbsgftyw - March 18, 2007
6. anonymous - March 21, 2007

Hey dude, would you be interested in a job. We are building a travel community site and need some quality people to join our team.
In case you are interested, email at info at trippert dot com

7. carlos - July 10, 2007


I have a problem with Web Services in CentOS 5, i don’t know how make work a nusoap.

I need configurar some thing ?????

Please Help, Thank you.

8. Fabian Ramirez - September 2, 2007

excelente cocina de CakePHP 😀

9. mbavio - September 3, 2007

Miguel, he querido bajar tus tutoriales que continuan el famoso primer blog del manual de CakePHP, y no existen los archivos… Podrias volver a subirlos? Gracias.

10. Gupendra Soni - October 23, 2007


I have a problem of accessing the tags of HTML when the two tag names are same and its value are different.

is it possible?
i have assigned a task of inserting the records to multiple tables and
for all child records.

if u can help me then please.


11. Ismael - January 5, 2008

Hola Miguel,
Excelente Blog.
Estuve mirando de probar los archivos para tu integración de la libraria NuSoap en Cake, pero no son los buenos. Pordias volverlos a subir?

12. Fab Dag - January 14, 2008

hola cake cucinero, muy lindo el sito… necissito el combobox feature pero el link:

no anda y puedo ser lindo de tener tu js file… Puedes ponerle de nuevo en linia?

13. ziaul haq - February 22, 2008

hey man..

I am also a bog fan of cakephp

I want to communicate wit h you regularly.

zia.php5@yahoo.com. My yahoo id add me pelase


14. Jesus - June 19, 2010

Excellent blog!! Congratulations!!

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