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Rounded Corners Helper June 4, 2006

Posted by rossoft in CakePHP.

A helper for making rounded corners in DIV elements

Uses the javascript library CurvyCorners

Needs the HeadHelper

1. Copy curvycorners files to app/webroot/js/corners/ (the file needed is app/webroot/js/corners/rounded_corners_lite.inc.js )

2. Copy this to app/views/helpers/corners.php

 * Corners Helper
 * Rounded corners with Javascript
 * @author RosSoft
 * @version 0.1
 * Requires CurcyCorners
 * @link http://www.curvycorners.net
 * Requires Prototype

class CornersHelper extends Helper
    var $_library; //static array of items to be rounded
    var $helpers=array('Javascript','Head');            

    function __construct()
           static $library=array();  //for php4 compat
           $this->_library=& $library;
     * Create the rounded corners for one element
     * @param string $id Dom ID of the element to be rounded
     * @param mixed $radius. Can be a global radius or an hash array
     * of (tl=>top_left, tr=>top_right, bl=>bottom_left, br=>bottom_right) radius values
     *     example: $radius=array('tr'=>25,'bl'=>20)
     * @param boolean $anti_alias Changing the value of antiAlias from true to false will toggle the anti-aliasing. Turning off anti-aliasing will reduce the smoothness of the corners but will greatly increase the rendering time required to draw the corners.
     * @param boolean $auto_padding If you set autoPad to true, the curvyCorners script will automatically create the inner DIV for you and move all your content from the main DIV into the inner DIV and apply any padding you have specified in your stylesheet for the outer DIV.         
    function corners($id,$radius=20, $anti_alias=true, $auto_pad=true)
        if (is_array($radius))
            array_merge(array(    'tl'=>null,
                                'br'=>null), $radius);                                       
            $radius=array(    'tl'=>$radius_value,
        $options=$this->_make_options($radius,$anti_alias, $auto_pad);
        $this->_library[]=array('id'=>$id , 'options'=>$options);       
     * Makes an array of options compatible with js lib (needs JSON conversion)
     * @param array $radius. Hash array 'tl','tr','bl','br' keys with radius value
     * @param boolean $anti_alias
     * @param boolean $auto_pad
    function _make_options($radius,$anti_alias,$auto_pad)
        $options=array(    'antiAlias'=>$anti_alias,
        foreach (array('tl','tr','bl','br') as $key)
        return $options;           
    function afterRender()
        if (!empty($this->_library))
            foreach ($this->_library as $elem)
                $js_init.="var curvyobj=new curvyCorners(" . $this->Javascript->object($elem['options']) . ",$('{$elem['id']}'));";



1. pixeline - June 6, 2006

you might like this other rounded corner library: http://webdesign.html.it/articoli/leggi/528/more-nifty-corners/1/

2. Olivvv - June 9, 2006

There is the IE7 library which includes that also: http://dean.edwards.name/IE7/

-add AddType text/x-component .htc in .htaccess
-in the layout, below charset(‘UTF-8’);?>:


-Download and unpack the libraries in your webroot/js.

3. olivvv - June 9, 2006

Ough wordpress mangled the code…dunno how to paste it then…

4. Mika - June 23, 2006

You might want to mention that it requires the prototype library. Also it is hard to copy-past this code as it is not in tags.

5. Mika - June 23, 2006

Whoops. That would be <code> tags.

6. rossoft - June 23, 2006

I’m sorry but I’ve a lot of problems pasting code at wordpress. They will be ok in cakebakery

7. Jakob Malm - August 12, 2006

I am not able to get it to work. Precisely what do I need to put in my code to have rounded corners on a div?

8. rossoft - August 13, 2006

it must work with:
<?php $corners->corners(‘my_div’); ?>

9. rossoft - August 13, 2006

echo $corners->corners(‘my_div’)

10. speedyop - September 11, 2006

latest version of headHelper has changed, register_js() and register_onload() doesn’t exist anymore.

seems that it’s js() and onload() now.

11. Nikolai - July 2, 2007

I’m trying to use corners helper, but it does not work.

I have copied to app/views/helper these files:
– corners.php
– head.php
– util.php

I’ve downloaded and installed CurvyCorners, as in manual.

In my controller i have:
var $helpers = array(‘Pagination’,’Corners’,’Head’,’Util’,’Javascript’);

In my view-file i have:
corners(‘my_div’); ?>
test testtest

In html source code is only .. block visible.
What i’m doing wrong?

P.S. I’ve tryed to debug this, with

i’ll get a lot of text (Corners object and so on)

Thanks in advance!

12. Nikolai - July 2, 2007

-div- test testtest -/div-

13. Nikolai - July 2, 2007

$this->Head->register_js… renamed to $this->Head->js
$this->Head->register_onload.. renamed to $this->Head->onload

14. Dario - September 17, 2008

Hi all.
First of all, thanks Rossoft for sharing with us some of your work.
I found curvycorners and I intended to use it with cakephp when I stumbled in this page. My enthusiasm vanished when after a while I didn’t manage to get your helper to work.
I tried everything mentioned above and :
-> in webroot/js/corners/
– rounded_corners_lite.inc.js
-> in views/helpers/
– UtilHelper (for HeadHelper) (util.php)
– HeadHelper (for CornersHelper) (head.php)
– CornersHelper (corners.php)
-> added helpers to my view
-> echo $corners->corners(‘myDiv’);
and nothing is being output to my html.
Any suggestions?
Thanks all.

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16. locksmith leicester - June 17, 2011

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