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Cajax Component in CakeForge May 11, 2006

Posted by rossoft in CakePHP.

Now it’s packaged in http://cakeforge.org/snippet/detail.php?type=package&id=13

Also all the files and an example can be found at

Uncompress in the root dir of a new cake installation then go to the browser http://your_cake_location/cajax_test/



1. sosa - May 11, 2006


Is it PHP5 only? because I got this message Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in C:\apache2triad\htdocs\cajax\app\controllers\components\cajax.php on line 80

(i feel so much like a troll lately)

2. Jfly - August 20, 2006

I hope not. I have the same error. If someone can help. Thanx

3. christophe - September 6, 2006

this is object chaining problem,

i fixed with :

$tmpquery = $this->e(‘#’ . CAJAX_CONTAINER);
$this->on_load( $this->new_element(‘document.body’,’div’,CAJAX_CONTAINER,array(),false)

same chaining fix in sample file test5.thtml line 5

4. rossoft - September 7, 2006

@christophe: I think that this is solved in version 2.1 in cakeforge

5. tompouce - October 9, 2006

I’ve done this workaround for PHP4:

Replace by:

$tmpquery = $this->e(‘#’ . CAJAX_CONTAINER);

$bleh1 = $this->new_element(‘document.body’,’div’,CAJAX_CONTAINER,array(),false);
$bleh2 = $tmpquery->hide(false);

$bleh = $bleh1.$bleh2;


6. rossoft - October 10, 2006

@tompouce: thanks, but that’s for a old version of cajax. it’s solved in cakeforge last version

7. はくじゃめも : Cajax - CakePHP版RJSでAjaxる - January 3, 2007

[…] CakePHPには標準ではありませんが、Cajax を使うとRJSぽいことができます。 […]

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