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New cache system March 14, 2006

Posted by rossoft in CakePHP.

In nightly version of cake, there is a new cache system. It can cache the views with cache helper, but you can cache your own data.

Example for caching your own data. You have the array $data. That array comes from the DB querying the model MyModel with parameter $id

$cacheName = “my_controller/$id”;
$data=cache($cacheName,null,’+1 hour’); //check for the value in the cache with a maximum of 1 hour old
if (!$data) //if isn’t on cache…
       cache($cacheName,$data); //save to cache

You have to create the dir /app/tmp/cache/my_controller (set the correct permissions)



1. rossoft - April 15, 2006

If the data is an array or object, you must serialize it before write, and unserialize it after read

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