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Web services in CakePHP February 16, 2006

Posted by rossoft in CakePHP.

I can’t wait to 1.0 for having web services and I started a simple soap component.

1. Copy this file to /app/controllers/components
2. Download nusoap library and put the file nusoap.php on /vendors/nusoap
3. Replace all the ocurrences of “soapclient” to “soap_client” on that file. This is for compatibility with PHP5, it has another soapclient class.

Developing a server

The service will be in the url http://myhost/test/get_info
(open that url in your browser for see the info of the webservice)

1. The controller

class TestController extends AppController
    var $components=array(‘aaa’,’bbb’,’soap’);
    function get_info()

2. The service.
With this line $this->soap->service() we’re telling the soap component to register the service at the file /app/controllers/soap_services/test/get_info.php , so we need to create that file:

global $api;
$api=array(    ‘doc’=>’Returns the price of the article’,
            ‘input’=>    array(‘code’=>’xsd:string’),
            ‘output’=>     array(‘return’=>’xsd:float’));
function get_info($code)
    global $controller;
    return $data[0][‘Article’][‘price’];
That’s all. The method can access the Test controller through the controller global variable. Then it can call a method of the model.
Important: the $api variable must be declared. It has a description of the method (‘doc’), the array of input values (‘input’) and the array of output values (‘output’).

Developing a client

class Test2Controller extends AppController
    var $components=array(‘aaa’,’bbb’,’soap’);
    function price()
Then, create the view for this action and put on it



1. cake baker » Webservices with CakePHP - February 17, 2006

[…] At the moment, CakePHP does not have built-in support for webservices (but it is planned for version 1.0). Miguel Ros could not wait until that feature is available, so he experimented a little bit. He presents two approaches using the NuSOAP toolkit in his blog (approach 1, approach 2). I prefer the second approach as it looks more cake-like. […]

2. dxi - May 11, 2007

If you are getting no response or an empty response from the server when using the client you may want to add ‘wsdl’ as a second parameter to the client instanciation like so:

$client = new soap_client($url, ‘wsdl’);

Also, if you want to be able to check for errors from the controller, use a class variable to assign the client(or server) to:

$this->client = new soap_client($url, ‘wsdl’);

You will then be able to get at the errors in your controller like so:


3. J0NES - January 21, 2009

very bad design. global $api. BAH! bad. really bad!

4. dany - March 8, 2012

extremely bad

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